What Cacophony!

by Christian Yoder

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released April 25, 2012

All songs written and recorded by Christian Yoder.
Many many many thanks to Marcy Owens for the spectacular album art, Logan Mahan for giving me songwriting help and critiques, Zach Cantrell for letting me use his banjo, DeeAnn Waugh for sewing the cd sleeves for the physical copies, all my friends for being so supportive of this project, and of course, God, through whom this is possible. And thank you for listening!



all rights reserved


Christian Yoder Searcy, Arkansas

Christian Yoder is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Pennsylvania/Arkansas.

Contact: christianyodermusic@gmail.com

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Track Name: Beauty and Blood
We watched the rainclouds pouring in
A blitzkrieg storm-front invading
Yeah, me and chaos, we had our things
To mix beauty with blood

To still a beating heart inside
And feast the life to which it's tied
I must live, so who will die?
We build beauty with blood

Life's a circle, I heard it said
Know it's turning, keep your head
It'll just keep spinning til we're dead
Our foundations are blood

Death and chaos, know your worth
For soon He rises to shake the earth
Track Name: Lost in the Sun
Free as wind and chasing the horizon
Wide as sea and ebbing all the tides in
Wild as wolves all howling under eyelids
(inside your ancient eyes)
Your soul is free and floating like an island

When we were so young and brave
I couldn't find the words to say
But here they are now that you're going away

If you run, then please run quickly
So I can lose you in the sun
But if you fall, then please fall slowly
So I can catch you before you're done

For a time we kept it all together
But we and love can't keep you drugged forever
Though these ties aren't ones you want to sever
(when it's time you left)
Your heart could never bear to be so tethered

Cast away, cast away
Catch the swelling tide
Cast away, cast away
I'm always on your side
Always on your side
Track Name: All His Satellites
I said, "you can't move him, he's a rock.
Cold down deep inside, deep inside."
I said, "you can't change him, he's a block
of ice, of ice, of ice. He's a block of ice."

Seasons sway and clocks do wind
Trails all do the same, wind the same
He's still speaking the same lines
I guess that what I said, in a way, was right.

Oh, he's got his arguments
Oh, and all his satellites
Oh, no father up in space
But I wish he'd change his mind

He's still cold and he's still fine
And I'm still praying for the sun
'cause turning spits on little fires
Can't win, can't win, can't win, can't win a man.

Well I'm still hoping I was wrong
Maybe change can come, come with time
He still keeps his battle on and on and on and on.
I wish he'd change his mind.
Track Name: Keep it Together
It was so long ago
I viewed the world in black and white
A world in monochrome
And it all just looked so bright

But now we're growing up
We're not so naive anymore
The truth keeps coming 'round
Of how easily we fall

You're like glue, I'm like worn out shoes
'cause you keep me together
You keep me together
If you're blue we can fly by the moon
Please just keep it together
I'll keep it together for you

Wherever you are
If ever you need a friend
I'll be where you are
Until the darkest end

And I can't pretend
That I don't need you now
You've been my best friend
And we'll make it through somehow

You're the only one I'll ever think of
'cause both our hearts are better in love
You're the only one I'll ever dream of
'cause both our hearts are better in love
Track Name: If My Eyes Were Open
Standing in the rain with my shoes wet
and my tongue tied
Oh, I'm coming down again with my whole weight
on my weak side
I can't remember posts from the wayside
on my decline
Now it's coming from the blue, from the gray skies
in a straight line

Struck like a bolt, now it comes
If my eyes were open, I'd have been ready for trouble

I'm sinking in the deep like a dead weight
to a dead end
Oh, and Davy Jones, he waves like a loved one
like an old friend
I didn't see the signs as a warning
war is coming
Now they caught me by surprise in the morning
with their drumming

Off like a bomb, here it comes
If my eyes were open, I'd have been ready for trouble

If my eyes were open, I'd have been ready
Shouldn't let my hopes fly, they always fall heavy
If my eyes were open, I'd have been ready for trouble

Don't try to run from it
Don't try to run from it
Don't try to run from it
You're only wasting time
Track Name: Fallen From the Roof
You've been running through my mind
All your words stuck in rewind
All those colors, black and gray and black and white
From when we'd scale the roof
Such a dark confessions booth
And I'd listen staring distant street lights down
Oh, I got lost in all those turns

Shook up and spun around
Blinded eyes and broken crown
In the dimness of a place I do not know
And in the fog of war,
I can't see the stars no more
Just my enemy, the pain upon your brow

So don't ask me where I am
And don't ask me where I'm going
'cause I'm still trying to figure out
How things get figured out
How anything is known

From the roofs I hear the cry
From the heralds of our time
Loud with confidence and intersecting truths
But it makes no sense to me
Said in words that I don't speak
All these sources I'm not sure I should believe
Oh, what cacophony!

Lost, lost I am, lost I am, just like you
I've empty hands, I've no answers for you
Of holy plans, of demands from the Lord
Lost, lost I am, I've no answers for you

Don't ask me where I am
I got lost in all those turns
I'm still trying to figure out
How things get figured out
What lessons I should learn

I must have fallen from the roof
Track Name: I Hope You're Not Poison
Last night, with the street lights
From the front seat, you looked over at me
And my lips moved so slowly
Because gravity works differently here
A slip of the tongue could crush a man
Any false word could gun him down
So I'll be careful, I'll try to be careful

I swallowed your world, with all its sea monsters
With its ghouls and its ghosts
With its dragon demon host, I drank it down
I drank it down
I hope you're not poison

The buildings were all empty
And their darkness looked tempting to me
When you told me what you think of me
Well that's lovely, but please set me down
The weight of your world could crush a man
Where none of his words can make a sound
So please be careful, please try to be careful
Track Name: Nothing At All
The stars are turning out of line
The planets misaligned
Tired of orbit

For new fires burn just 'round the cloud
You're bored sick of still turning around
This old system

Don't leave me
There's nothing that certain,
but there's nothing out there
at all.

Your smile had no pretense
Your joy was innocence

I guess I thought you too far,
far from their lofty reach
Those modern thieves

You gave them all that you held
They left you nothing more
than an empty universe

Believe me
There's nothing that certain,
but there's nothing out there
at all.

(don't leave, don't flee the light, don't lose faith
in what is right, what is right, what is right)
Track Name: Into the Deep
Ships, without a sound,
are sinking down to the gaping deep
Lights are burning out,
their flame snuffed out into formless dark
formless dark,
formless dark

I've believed in You,
believed in You, believed in You
And I'll believe in You,
believe in You, believe in You
going down,
going down
Track Name: By the Light
Oh the storm, it darkly gathers
I am lost withing the shadows
Oh the flood, it overwhelms me
Waves of black rise, cold and quelling

I'm alive by the light of Your love
I'm alive by the light of Your love, Lord

From the darkness, from my distress
I cry out from unknown distance
Even here, oh Lord You hear me
In my doubt You still draw near me

I'm alive by the light of Your love
I'm alive by the light of Your love, Lord
Track Name: Split the World
Come, sun, come, shine your light on my face
It's been so long that I've been in this darkness
And your rays, they do me well
As bright as glory tell
And your motion, where it fell
Split the world

Rise up sun, let your light keep shining
My new eyes struck by the silver lining
And my feet, they walk anew
In this bronze and golden view
As you chase dark from you
And split the world

It won't be long til the night is behind you
The light comes down, it enfolds and surrounds you
And the shadows, they will flee
As you purge the dark from me
Now in clarity I see
You split the world